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BABES Around the World consists of a series of “sites” that help in developing coping skills for young people who live in alcohol and drug dependant environments.

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Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies (BABES) is a primary prevention program designed to give children a lifetime of protection from substance abuse. BABES accomplishes this by assisting young people to develop positive living skills and by providing them with accurate, non-judgmental information about the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

*Note: SPEC Associates has concluded that BABES K-3rd grade curriculum meets the criteria for being evidence-based as set forth in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. The evaluation provided Class A Evidence and the evaluation evidence demonstrated an Outcome Evidence Rating of ‘effective’.


The purpose of BABES is to enable children to learn and practice living/loving skills and make positive early decisions about alcohol and other drugs. BABES is a classic present-day application of affirmative life principles.

The BABESWORLD Philosophy

Today’s children are tomorrow’s Future. Hope for the Future is dependent upon the existence of an environment which creates within each child the quality of self-esteem that is the basis for the realization of the child’s full potential: physical, mental and spiritual. It is the kind of environment which is strong, healthy, nurturing and safe. effectively addressing the problems of today’s youth, such as drop-outs, pregnancy, suicide and alcohol and other drug abuse.