About Us

About Us

Delightful animal puppets are humanized to be like men, women and children we all know (including ourselves when we self-observe). The BABES PUPPET CHARACTERS ARE:

BUTTONS AND BOWS MC KITTY are brother and sister kittens They reflect the same feelings and emotions that real children experience and are used to demonstrate effective, acceptable ways of making decisions, coping and handling other life situations.
MYTH MARY is a squirrel who repeats everything she hears without knowing if it is factual or appropriate for the occasion Much Of what she says and does is based on myths and misconceptions, not only about alcohol, alcoholism, and drug dependency but also about every other life situation she experiences Through her, children come to realize how misguided some of their own beliefs are- e.g. “It’s wrong to feel angry,” “alcoholics are bad people,” and other myths.
EARL Y BIRD gives a “honk-honk” as an early: warning signal for self-defeating behavior in general and for wrong decisions regarding alcohol and other drugs.
DONOVAN DIGNITY is a wise owl who corrects Myth Mary’s misconceptions and shares a lot of other good information about ways of having a happy, healthy life He presents things in a Tactual, non-judgmental manner in ways children understand.
RECOVERING REGGIE is a dog who is a recovering, cross-addicted alcoholic He tries to erase the stigma attached to chemical dependency and to pass on the lessons in living he has learned as part of his recovery.
RHONDA RABBIT lives in a home with two cross-addicted alcoholics. She is also an abused child Rhonda was created by BABES out of necessity–any children receiving the BABES program live in similar situations with their own chemically dependent parents She is the “voice of experience” and can tell children first-hand what has happened to her and how she copes.
BLINDY BLOODHOUND is the newest member of the BABES Family She is a part of BABES Aboard the Underground Railroad Series.


Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies (BABES) is a primary prevention program designed to give children a lifetime of protection from substance abuse.
BABES accomplishes this by assisting young people to develop positive living skills and by providing them with accurate, non-judgmental information about the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

This important information is presented in a manner designed to gain the attention of children and to enable them to develop a desire for healthful living and give them the ability to better understand how to protect themselves from alcohol and chemical dependency situations among their peers and within a family structure.

SPEC Associates has concluded that BABES K-3rd grade curriculum meets the criteria for being evidence-based as set forth in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. The evaluation provided Class A Evidence and the evaluation evidence demonstrated an Outcome Evidence Rating of ‘effective’.


Health-related attitudes, beliefs and behaviors are formed at an early age. Many psychologists believe these are set before age five. Responses of children to

BABES demonstrate that attitudes regarding substance use and abuse and other health-related behaviors exist at this age.. and.. if not appropriate, these attitudes can be positively re-directed.


BABES materials-created by working with children in pre-elementary and early elementary school groups-include bright. colorful, believable, lovable puppets (of washable durable materials). interesting, understandable stories, worksheets and a cassette tape. When children watch the puppets, and listen to the imaginative stories, they respond. Teaching guidelines. lesson plans and evaluation suggestions accompany each of the lessons-a package in which the presentation time is adjustable.


The purpose of BABES is to enable children to learn and practice living/loving skills and make positive early decisions about alcohol and other drugs. BABES is a classic present-day application of affirmative life principles.

The BABESWORLD Philosophy

Today’s children are tomorrow’s Future. Hope for the Future is dependent upon the existence of an environment which creates within each child the quality of self-esteem that is the basis for the realization of the child’s full potential: physical, mental and spiritual. It is the kind of environment which is strong, healthy, nurturing and safe. effectively addressing the problems of today’s youth, such as drop-outs, pregnancy, suicide and alcohol and other drug abuse.

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