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You’ve come a long way BABES!

BABES is a forward-looking program. But at Birthday Time, flashbacks are natural. Here is a part of the record:

  • Lottie Jones perceives the need: conceives what needs to be done. Maxine Willis appears and is hired.
  • The first class held in Buttons and Bows Nursery.
  • Program named BABES; puppets conceived and characters named and first set of puppets are made.
  • Puppets with styrofoam heads presented at the National Council on Alcoholism Forum in Seattle.
  • First school system to utilize BABES – Bloomfield Hills (MI): six consecutive lessons in six weeks to all early elementary classes.
  • ABC World News Tonight telecasts BABES Report.
  • National Institute on Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse newsletter article brings nationwide and international response.
  • First BABES kit introduced at National Council Alcohol National Forum in Washington DC.
  • First BABES Institute to train Presenters held at Mercy College, Detroit.
  • Policy established requiring training for all who want to be Presenters.
  • First BABES Training Away-from-Home at 10 sites in Michigan.
  • First Retired Senior Volunteer program group.
  • BABES Alive! debuts and meets Nancy Reagan at National Council on Alcohol Forum in Detroit.
  • Conference for Trainers to chart developments including adding child abuse segment.
  • 2nd BABES Institute at Mercy College. Rhonda Rabbit introduced with Lesson Seven – “When You Don’t Know What to Do” – about child abuse. First Godparent – NCA Maine’s Earle R. (Dick) Looner, Jr. designated.
  • BABES Community concept evolves and is created.
  • First training for Native American Presenters and Wisconsin.
  • Largest group of Presenters – 200 in the Detroit Public Schools – trained.
  • First BABES Winter Institute are Sheraton Southfield.
  • First BABESWORLD Experience at Hyatt-Regency Dearborn.
  • Kate LaMonica certified as the first BABES Trainer: Clinical BABES (BABESTART) introduced.
  • Intermediate and Adolescent BABES introduced.
  • BABES WORLD Home established in Southfield.
  • First BABESWORLD Experience in BABESWORLD Home.
  • BABESKIDS for children in chemically-dependent of abusive homes created.
  • Dover-Foxcroft, Maine becomes first BABES community.
  • BABES Academy opens in BABESWORLD Home
  • U.S. Office of Substance Abuse Prevention funds $150,000 grant supporting expansion of BABES Community programs through eight Godparents (Maine, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Idaho, California, and Alaska).
  • First training outside of Continental US (Seldovia, Alaska) and training in greatest distance from BABESWORLD Home.
  • BABES WORLD Experience in Orlando, FL: first away from home brings together eight Godparents to draw up “blueprint” for development of BABES Communities.
  • Funding from the US Department of Education funds the development of BABES Aboard the Underground Railroad.
  • Summit meeting of BABES Godparents and BABESWORLD Home to plan for BABES in new millennium. Included in planning is an updated evidence-based evaluation for BABES.
  • BABES Aboard the Underground Railroad is created when Blindy Bloodhound moves to Pudding Heights.
  • Myth Mary brings over 1000 sets of BABES puppets from China.
  • BABES Aboard the Underground Railroad is introduced at the BABES Annual Family Reunion and UGRR Symposium.
  • BABES Cares about Victims of Major Disasters is created when Blindy learns to come with her fear for her relatives still living in Louisiana who are caught in Hurricane Katrina.
  • Evidence-based evaluation of K-5 classes completed at Chandler Park Academy.
  • Plans begin for development of curricula to help Rhonda cope with Domestic Violence and living in a Foster Home.
  • COTS becomes the first BABES Center and seven staff members trained and assist in the development of Domestic Violence and Foster Home curricula.
  • Received multi-year funding from Detroit Health Department.
  • BABES Alive! reaches 1000’s in multi-year performances.
  • BABESWORLD Home Team visits New Jersey, at 30 years of age is one of the oldest BABES Communities in the nation.
  • BABESWORLD Home Team re-visits Navajo Nation in Window Rock, Arizona after 25 years and trains 15 Presenters, 5 trainers.
  • BABES WORLD relocates to a bigger new home. Launches 21st century expansion.
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