BABES in Schools

BABES in the Schools

A P-12 curriculum, broad-based and designed to teach general life/coping skills with a wide range of applications as well as situation and problem-specific approaches, is the basic element of BABES.

There are five modules each a series of seven lessons in story form, illustrating basic living skills, enlivened by seven puppet characters with clearly-defined personalities representing various prevention concepts.

By utilizing story-telling, enhanced with puppets, “the child within” every student is reached Immediately. BABES is a multi-media curriculum presently Including 35 stories covering real life problems gathered from pre-school through high school youth.

Children of all ages are fascinated by the colorful puppets, songs, work sheets and other activities bringing to life the characters: Buttons and Bows, Myth Mary, Donovan Dignity, Early Bird, Recovering Reggie and Rhonda Rabbit.

Modules In the curriculum are:

  • Pre-School – Flip-charts with simple stories
  • Baste BABES – the program core – for K-3
  • Upper Elementary for grades 4-6
  • Intermediate for grades 7-9
  • Advanced for grades 10-12

Story themes provide children with concepts of Self-Image and Feelings; Decision Making and Peer Pressure; Coping Skills; Getting Help; and Information About Alcohol and Other Drugs. In modules for older children, basic living skills are repeated with the characters growing older and facing problems typical for their age groups, including parental authority, suicide, pregnancy, death, rejection, and the Power of Choice.

BABES and the Family

Recognizing the parent as a primary preventer of substance abuse. Family BABES provides prevention techniques for use by parents with emphasis on developing positive parenting skills. It utilizes the same basic living skills Introduced 1n Baste BABES.

BABES for Treatment

Expanded versions for counselors and therapists utilize ten additional puppet characters and appropriate stories.

BABES KIDS (for Kids in Development) for young children living L”l dysfunctional homes has two formats: an educational model for counselors and a treatment model for therapists. It is ideal for helping children in stressful home situations preserve self-esteem.

BABESTART (Treatment and Recovery Techniques) is for use in clinical settings for whole family therapy.

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