BABES Organization

Organizing a process so multifaceted requires utilization of an organizational group that is universal in meaning. Therefore, the oldest known societal model – the Family – was selected. BABESWORLD Family Member classifications includes:

BABES: All children who receive BABES lessons and apply BABES principles in their lives.

Presenters: Those who have been trained to provide lessons.

Trainers: Adults who train others to be Presenters.

Master Trainers: Experienced Trainers who qualify to train Presenters to be Trainers

Activists: Individuals who aid BABES in advocacy and funding.

Guardians: Community Groups creating and nurturing a BABES Community – a municipality or neighborhood where BABES life-styles prevail.

Godparents: Organizations promoting, monitoring and nurturing BABES in a large area (a region or state).

BABES Buddies: People who just want to help, such as volunteers and well wishers.

BABES Census

We want to hear from all 10,000+ of our family members who have been a part of the BABES World family since its birth in 1977!

Easy as 1-2-3:

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