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This site explores ways of preventing self-defeating behavior.

The provision of alcohol and other drug information is important because it enables the individual to make responsible decisions about these substances. The information provided is factual and non-judgemental, in order to provide a sound basis for future decisions. Studies have shown that health-related attitudes (including the use of alcohol) “are well formed before most children start first grade.” Also, children are being faced with making decisions regarding various substances at an earlier age than ever before, due to the familiarity of these substances brought about by the media, more liberal attitudes of society, and the easy access to these substances in every day events.

Introduced is the concept of alcoholism and chemical dependency as illness. This information serves to eliminate many of the myths surrounding the use of alcohol and to reduce the stigma attached to the alcoholic. It is important for the children to know, if they choose to drink at a later time, the “warning signals” their bodies may give them if they are abusing alcohol, or if they are alcoholic. They also need to know that alcoholism and drug dependencies are treatable illnesses, and that all people can have a recovery with dignity.

While material is presented to aide in future decisions, the information received can directly benefit many of the students at this time. It will help them to realize that if a person they encounter is drunk, they are not a “bad” or “crazy” person, they are not necessarily alcoholic, they are just under the influence of a drug. This may help the child to react in a more positive way, and be better able to relate to the person who is intoxicated. If there is an alcoholic or drug dependent parent, this information also helps the child to cope with this situation.

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